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Upcoming Workshops


International Equine Summit

October 6 - October 8 | Sanger, TX  

A gathering where our very own Francie Kilborne will be speaking. This event aims to bring together everyone who loves or works with horses and has an interest in expanding their experience in the equine field. 

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The Power of the Herd Workshop |2 days

September 22-23, 2018

Like the one day workshop The Power of the Herd, this equine-facilitated workshop will help you improve your effectiveness by boosting your non-verbal communication skills, showing you how to use emotions as information, and uncovering unconscious habits that limit your potential. Join us for two days as learn, discover and have fun. 


Don’t Ignore Your Check Engine Light – How to Use Emotions as Information

If it’s bad to suppress emotions and equally bad to vent them, how are we supposed to handle them? Are they just a curse that we have to suffer with for our entire lives? Or is it possible that they serve some purpose?

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