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Podcast: Solace’s very own Teresa Pool talks about horses for healing

Do you have chronic pain? Listen to how Master Coach, Teresa Pool, uses horses for healing. She believes her role as an established executive coach is to give back, plant seeds, and impact the lives of 10,000 people! That’s right..10,000! Learn how she uses horses to coach people looking to create a new relationship with chronic pain.

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Jin Shin JyutsU Class

March 10-11, 2019

During class you will explore the 26 Safety Energy Locks (building blocks of the body) and several major flows and "Quickies" for harmonizing body, mind and spirit. The classes also cover topics such as creating a physically and emotionally safe environment, how to approach and make gentle contact with different species, reading animal body language, and basics of intuitive communication. 


Don’t Ignore Your Check Engine Light – How to Use Emotions as Information

If it’s bad to suppress emotions and equally bad to vent them, how are we supposed to handle them? Are they just a curse that we have to suffer with for our entire lives? Or is it possible that they serve some purpose?

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