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Solace Equine Center delivers equine-facilitated education and training to individuals and groups who want to improve their performance, productivity and the quality of their daily lives.

The science behind equine-facilitated learning is simple.  Horses are prey animals and large herbivores.  In the wild, horses’ lives depend on being able to identify external threats and to live harmoniously within a herd.  They communicate with each other remarkably fluently using their bodies.  As a result, horses can sense a minute change in the blood pressure, heart rate or respiration of a human. 

Understanding how our bodies “speak” to us and to others is one key to unlocking our hidden potential.  Horses are also quite effective at managing emotions and conflict in large groups.  Their techniques translate well into the human world and provide a model of non-predatory leadership and power that can propel our species towards a brighter future.