Linda Kohanov is one of the pioneers in the area of building emotional intelligence skills through human/equine interaction. I had the pleasure of spending a day on the Texas ranch of one of her certified instructors and effective apostles, lawyer Francie the whole review below.
— Ronda Muir, one of the country’s leading authorities on the personal attributes of lawyers and the application of behavioral science to the legal workplace.
This was a fascinating and helpful workshop on different leadership styles. Francie is so knowledgeable and presented the information in an interesting and useful manner. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in learning about body language and leadership improvement.
— Sandy

This was such an amazing, insightful experience! Learned so much about my leadership style and how I can grow to benefit my team at work. I had no idea how much I could learn from the horses!
— Mimi

Solace is a special barn with special people & magnificent steeds. The Power of the Herd workshop was educational & fun. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
— Leta